Original music performed on Renaissance Lute and Classical Guitar, enhanced with harmonious sounds of nature, by French-American composer Michel Sherman.

This is multi-layered, transcendent music composed in collaboration with animal helpers and the spirits of Nature. It was created to relax, focus, tune in and deepen your connection with your fellow species. Recover the true spirit of ecological awareness, and attune to the language, message, and heart of the Earth. Interwoven with sounds of nature, the music invites entrancement until you hear the Earth itself and all her creatures speak to you.

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Descriptions of each track follow these Testimonials:

"The recording is certainly unlike anything I've heard before...  I can sense the poetic dimension you are working in...  I loved the sounds from nature...  A most interesting recording." – Hopkinson Smith, Lutenist, Basel, Switzerland

“So wonderful and so unique!!  Your music is so distinctive and mood and image evoking.   Your images and the transference of the images to instrumental music and non-instrumental sounds are awesomely creative. ”  —  Bunny Beck, jazz pianist and composer; New York City

“Very alluring and complementing” — Sandy Dierks, co-producer of U.S. National Park Service film Coming Home–The Life Cycles of Coho Salmon and Steelhead Trout, which includes selections from The Earth Speaks.

“Rich and very soothing.  Creates a peaceful atmosphere instantly.  Has a profoundly reflective quality.” — Debra Evans, San Francisco Whole Life Expo Program Director

“Just gorgeous…Musical refinement” — Constance Demby, New Age contemporary classical composer; Los Angeles, California

“Engaging at a very interesting level.  You are so present in the music, as is the Earth.  Thank you for making this available to us.” — Julie Soquet, Shamanic Counselor; Hinesburg, Vermont

“It really opens up the heart” — Amy Cooper, senior yoga teacher and therapist; Mount Shasta, California

“Very relaxing” — Assunta Chytry, Music Buyer for Open Secret (metaphysical) Books, Music, & World Art Gallery, San Rafael, California

“Quite a gorgeous work.  I like it a lot.” — David Spelman, classical music publicist, New York City

“Your playing is so joyful, and the pieces offer such a rich and complex feast for the ear and the soul.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful pathway to connect with nature.” — Rae Ramsey, New York City

“Michel Sherman has shown us that the lute has come a long way into the modern age.  From now on, we can acknowledge that the lute is no longer only for old music.  Michel blends old and new musical ideas in a new and startling way.  He is a pioneer in the use of the lute for music of all ages.” — Stanley Buetens, Lutenist and Publisher, Instrumenta Antiqua Publications; Menlo Park, California

“I really enjoyed it.  It’s great music.” — Grant Tomlinson, Lute Maker; Vancouver BC, Canada

“Great Tai Chi music” — Jane Hallander, Founder & Director, Marin Tai Chi Center; Corte Madera, California

“Perfect for massage” — Terri Elaine Prince, Certified Massage Therapist; Inverness, California

“Beautifully performed, recorded and packaged — a proper platform for your expressive work” — Dave Brast, classical and flamenco guitarist; Inverness, California

“Has quickly become a favorite of mine.  I love to play it at night before bed when I want to shed the day’s history and enter dreamtime.” — Nan Moon, Management Consultant; Petaluma, California

“I enjoy the whole, deeply felt concept.  You play wonderfully, with clarity and cleanness.  Your compositions are rich.” — Rosey Bock, Musicologist; Mill Valley, California

“Very, very good and deserves to be heard.” – Kathy Geisler, Well-Tempered Productions; Berkeley, California

“Thank you so much.  It is wonderful music, romantic and full of meditation.  All the best and much success.” – Ralf Bauer, Musikschule Metronom; Bonn, Germany

 The tracks:

1) The Earth Speaks
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute, with sound of thunder. The pain of pollution. The yearning to breathe fresh air and drink pure water. The Big Cleansing. The Earth is alive, nurturing all who dwell on, within, and above her body. Listening to the Earth, we heal and rediscover a balanced relationship with all life.

2) Longing for the Ocean
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute, with sound of surf. It’s where we first met. Now, so far away, we long to be close to the ocean again.

3) Dance of the Water Sprites
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute. Sunlight dissolving in bubbling cascades. Water sprites dancing pure joy. Let’s dance!

4) Igor’s Waltz with the Flies
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute. Wizardlike, Igor was an anole lizard who gazed with ancient reptile wisdom into the people who came to him. He taught us about the loving relationship of predator and prey as he communicated, stalked, and danced with the insects that gave him life.

5) Enter Dragons’ Realm
Instrumental played on a classical guitar, with sound of wind. Suspense and wonderment as you enter and explore the dragons’ realm. Follow the trail up the mountain, along the rocks of many colors. The magnetic power of the cool, deep caves above draws you through sparkling shafts of light.

6) Fingers of the Mist
Instrumental played on a classical guitar. Tenderness and bliss. The chameleon mist…rearranging form and color…beckoning our love.

7) Angel Birds
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute, with sound of wood thrush. Where do birds come from, and where can they take you? Listen and follow. Spirits soaring.

8) Lost Caverns of the Soul
Instrumental played on a classical guitar, with sounds of wind, eagle, and hawk. Suspenseful throughout. Searching for meaning and reconnection to a peaceful state of spirit. Feel the essence of life in dark and light, mysterious havens.

9) Music of the Mountains
Instrumental played on a classical guitar, with sounds of bell and chimes. Dream of a Tibetan mountaintop where monks pray and vultures soar. Breathe the rarified atmosphere, a portal to the gods.

10) The Magic Garden
Instrumental played on a classical guitar, with sounds of orioles. The garden seeds inspiration and becomes the whole world. Blissful cooperation of the plants and animals. A happy and magical union.

11) Birds’ Call to Prayer
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute, with sounds of bell and nightingale. The bell rings and the nightingale sings, calling all creatures of earth and air in prayers of thanksgiving for the beauty and peace all around and within.

12) Rana, Queen of the Heavens
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute. Rana was an Afghan hound companion whose name came from a past life as a queen in India. Quiet and graceful, she emanated ripened sensitivity. On a calm winter solstice, she left her form and stretched skyward in an arc from east to west, surrounded by a constellation of angels.

13) Chrysalis
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute. Transformation, evolution, new creations, new lives, new universes. The sadness of letting go and dying. Nostalgia. Delight and hope in The New.

14) Water Temples
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute, with sound of waterfall. Neptune calls us far below the ocean surface where we float through water temples of the deep. Liquid heaven.

15) Into the Eye of the Tiger
Instrumental played on a classical guitar, opening with sound of tiger. Race with the tiger into the eternal enigma of being. Finish with blissful sleep.

16) Interdimensional Avenues
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute, with some synthesizer sound to simulate Earth moving through space; owl, crickets, frogs. The piece is my impressions of mystic spirit and parallel worlds. Follow the dragonfly along the pathways to that which underlies all form.

17) Ocean Walking
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute, with sounds of surf and seagulls. Immersed in enchanted freedom, we walk on the waves.

18) Sacred Harmony Among All Species
Instrumental played on a Renaissance lute, with sounds of whales, eagle, and wolf. The vast realm far below the surface of physical form. Deep within the rhythms of life on Earth, eternal harmony sings.

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