Enchanting and romantic guitar classics from Europe and Latin America, performed by French-American classical guitarist, Michel Sherman.

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Descriptions of each track follow these Testimonials: 

“Your new album is great!!!  My favorite piece is track #5, the Etude No. 3 in A Major; an absolutely beautiful melody for sure!” – Marbella A., Sacramento, California

“The music is lovely and perfect background music while dining!” – Bunny Beck, jazz pianist, New York City

“Thank you for the graciousness of your extremely lovely spirit, and all the beauty and peace you have brought me through your music.” – Madeline L., San Rafael, California

“I listened to the whole thing, twice. You really have created a beautiful resource, a musical grove of sprightly melodies encased in the warm body of wood that is your guitar.  The variety of classics carefully chosen from Europe and Latin America, while inducing a state of calmness, also liven up the mind.  In other words, this is not your father's Muzak!” – Mark O., Sausalito, California

The tracks:

Tracks 1, 8, and 18 were composed by João Texeira Guimarães, also known as João Pernambuco because he came from that state of Brazil.  His music was famous in 1930s Rio de Janeiro and is enjoying a revival today.  “Interrogando” means “questioning”; “Dengoso” means “affected”; “Sons de Carilhões” means “the sounds of bells”:


Tracks 2, 3, 16, and 17 are by the great Paraguayan guitarist and composer, Agustín Barrios Mangoré, whom I consider the Chopin of the guitar.  “Confesión-Romanza” is a confession of love.  “Julia Florida” (Julia blossoming) refers to one of his young students in Costa Rica.  “Choro de Saudade” is a song of nostalgia and longing.  Oración is a prayer:

Track 4, “Romance de los Pinos”, by the Spanish composer Federico Moreno-Torroba, celebrates the beauty of pine trees.  Its alternate title is Montemayor, from the suite “Castles of Spain”:

Track 5, “Etude No. 3”, is Mateo Carcassi’s most famous guitar piece:

Tracks 6 and 14 are by the eminent Spanish guitarist and composer, Francisco Tárrega, who was a key figure in establishing the guitar’s stature in the 19th-20th centuries.  “Capricho Árabe” means Arab caprice; “Lágrima” means “tear” (tears of joy, I presume):

Track 7 is by Brazil’s most prolific classical composer, Heitor Villa-Lobos:

Track 9, “El Noy de la Mare” (which in Catalán means “The Mother’s Boy”), is about the serene love between a mother and child.  It’s one of many folk songs that Miguel Llobet arranged for guitar:

Tracks 10 and 15 are by Manuel Ponce, the Mexican composer and pianist who spent many years in Paris and who worked closely with Andrés Segovia.  Track 10 is his version of El Noy de la Mare; the title means a popular song from the Galicia region in Spain.  Track 15, “Scherzino Mexicano”, means a little musical joke, Mexican-style; it’s playfully poetic:

Track 11 features one of Antonio Lauro’s “waltzes” – a fast piece that is not intended to be danced to! 

Track 12 evokes the charm of Granada.  The Suite Española by Isaac Albéniz features his impressions of eight Spanish cities:


Track 13 is one of many short and beautiful impressionistic pieces by the Russian pianist-composer Alexander Scriabin:


1          Interrogando  João Texeira Guimarães ~ Brazil, 1883-1947

2          Confesión-Romanza  Agustín Barrios Mangoré ~ Paraguay, 1885-1944

3          Julia Florida  Agustín Barrios Mangoré ~ Paraguay, 1885-1944

4          Romance de los Pinos  Federico Moreno-Torroba ~ Spain, 1891-1982

5          Etude No. 3 in A major, opus 60  Matteo Carcassi ~ Italy, 1792-1853

6          Capricho Árabe  Francisco Tárrega~ Spain, 1852-1909

7          Prelude 5  Heitor Villa-Lobos, ~ Brazil, 1887-1959

8          Dengoso  João Texeira Guimarães ~ Brazil, 1883-1947

9          El Noy de la Mare  Miguel Llobet ~ Spain, 1878-1938

10        Canción Popular Gallega  Manuel Ponce~ Mexico, 1885-1948

11        Venezuelan Waltz No. 3  Antonio Lauro ~ Venezuela, 1917-1986

12        Granada from Suite Española, opus 47  Isaac Albéniz ~ Spain, 1860-1909

13        Prelude no. 4 in E b minor, “Lento”, opus 16  Alexander Scriabin ~ Russia, 1872-1915

14        Lágrima  Francisco Tárrega~ Spain, 1852-1909

15        Scherzino Mexicano  Manuel Ponce~ Mexico, 1885-1948

16        Choro de Saudade  Agustín Barrios Mangoré ~ Paraguay, 1885-1944

17        Oración  Agustín Barrios Mangoré ~ Paraguay, 1885-1944

18        Sons de Carilhões  João Texeira Guimarães ~ Brazil, 1883-1947

Total time 65:32

© ® 2011 Michel Sherman

To Gloria, mi amor, thank you for your inspiration.

Cover painting “Melodia” by Daniela Aldini; used with permission.

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